Presence VIA Bhu-Earth

Multimedia Interactive installation by B2Fays, Mathieu Constans, and Guillaume Evrard


“Life is composed by actions and reactions of human beings leaving their traces on the environment, spatial as well as temporal,
which successively leaves its mark on these beings. This is the creative chain being offered through this creation.”
This multimedia installation is offering an interactive immersive environment generated in real time from the presence and the
movements of the visitors. The participants move through the process of transformation by immersing themselves in the interactive
installation. The pictorial and musical multimedia work then totally immerses them. The image, position and movements of the bodies
of the participants are recorded in real time and in this way, their physical presence generates and activates a multimedia work that is
constantly developing.
Immersed in the visuals and sounds of the installation, the participants are placed in a state of self-questioning. Their images,
positions and movements… all transform the universe that is being observed, becoming the material that is used to constitute the
different layers of the work.
Participants become aware of "entering the process of creation" of a world of constantly evolving images and sounds, which are
revealed by their own presence.
This environment, symbolising the evolution of a world perpetually changing in an approach of permanent questioning, derives from
the pictorial process of the artist B2Fays : through many steps of creation and various media, stories or fragments of stories are
superimposed and answer each other. Layer by layer, the story is told and simultaneously erased, like a palimpsest.
In B2Fays’ work, images move from one medium to another: painting, sound, video, music, interactive space… in order to question
the presence of the visitor in their environment. For her, painting is a powerful act, propagating life even beyond its materiality and

About the artist:

Béatrice de Fays, aka B2Fays, is a Franco-Belgian artist.
She develops her creations by using different media: paintings, video-projections, interactive multimedia installations (in one
place or connected by networks with distant places).
Between the concrete reality of the world and an intangible poetic universe, B2fays assembles pieces of images in a movement
of continuous transformation. Layer by layer, sequence after sequence, fragments of stories cover and erase each other. These
different places, times and spaces are contained in the depth of the piece of work being created, generating in this way a
sensitive interface, a place of endless possibilities.
In 1984, she started her work of creation with comic strips, and using computers.
Around 1987, she left these tools to dedicate herself to painting.
In 1994, she decided to use new technologies again to connect spectators to painting.
In 2006, she was the winner of the “Villa Médicis Hors les Murs” award in India. Since then, she has worked in both Asia and
Europe. She has several exhibitions across the world to her credit, and many of her paintings are part of Indian art collections
(Park Hyatt Hyderabad, Novotel Vijayawada Varun, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad, ..)
To make her multimedia creations, B2Fays works with the multimedia artist Mathieu Constans, and the artist-engineer
Guillaume Evrard.