A collection of photographs by Miguel Angel Garcia


Build and discard, two extremes of a devilish chain of production
and consumption in which we live, that makes us pawns of a
system capable of its own self-destruction.
This exhibition contains works that propose an approach to the
concept of sustainability from both sides of the process, but
closely connected to each other. Through the abstraction and
resignification of the image, the artist poses a critical reflection
on these issues and at the same time proposes a photographic
formalization closer to the poetic than the document as an
aesthetic strategy to seduce the viewer and bring it closer to the
One of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
states, “The objective of sustainable consumption and production
is to do more and better things with fewer resources” But for
this to be possible it is necessary to overcome a systemic evil,
which is the basis of the world economy: consume without limits,
creating artificial needs. Thus, through ubiquitous advertising,
the consumer becomes a dissatisfied stockist, based on an army
of low-paid workers, exhausting resources, in a race to see who
destroys the planet before.
Changing the paradigm means considering techniques, means
and processes that tell us to value existing resources.
Reconsider that garbage is part of our life is not only save limited
resources but change a mental framework that has taken us for
generations to belittle its importance, to exclude it from our lives,
as if we wanted to forget what we have done, what we are, the
chronicle of our own history.
Construction and destruction. And in the middle, life goes by.

About the Photographer:

Photographer and creator of images, he uses the photographic medium as raw material to discover
structures, social phenomena and little evident connections that force to stop,
provoking critical reflection in the spectator.

His projects are characterized by an intense documentary work, focused on a rereading of the territory,
accumulating meanings in the images, through the fusion of techniques, as a synthesis and reflection on
what each photograph shows and hides.

The questioning of the consumer society model, the challenges related to the environment or research
on various forms of urban and rural landscape construction are among its main lines of work
over the last few years.