How can birds dream in a land without roots?

A multimedia installation by Katja Loher


How can birds dream in a land without roots? is an immersive experience altered by vision, sound, and scent.
Roots and Wings, are two elements that are grounded and free at the same time. Thus, nesting – nestling – home becomes an important part of a constant questioning by Katja Loher. She points out the larger concept of home – the inner and the outer space. The Earth and the mind – to be understood specifically as the five elements or the five senses, grounded yet free. While we have disconnected ourselves from this larger comprehension of home or nestling, Katja Loher draws us back to encounter the largesse of nature, through the poetics of a large nest.

Inspired by the beauty, strength and suppleness of the banyan tree roots, that invade Indian temples or buildings, and that can go deep inside the earth, Loher used in her first work produced during her residency, these roots to create the Nests. The seamless fusion of organic elements and technology represents the complex balance between humans and nature that Loher explores in the fantastic worlds she creates. In them she acts as a demiurge, who unbinds chaos, while nurturing order and rhythm. These Videosculptures inspire into the visitor a renewed appreciation for the splendor and complexity of nature, and the desire to preserve its beauty for generations to come.

About the artist:

Katja Loher was born in Switzerland and is based in New York. She has consistently engaged herself with the question of the longevity of planet Earth, the impact of the unsustainable actions of humans that put their relationship with earth out of balance. Loher´s artifacts generate a virtually real world where human action becomes a creative act rather than a destructive force. With the magic approach the artist combines elements from nature, and technology in a collective effort with architects, dancers, choreographers, costume designers and fabricators.